a-rich (tracyrichards) wrote,

What will this next year bring?

Lets try not to think too much about money and things and talk about you and Wanda. It is no doubt how last summers experience at the TGRCNM had an affect on me. My thoughts are,could I be alone, could I do it- transition. Well. you seem to really like what you look like on the outside but not like your thinking on the inside. I dont think like a female and would not want the activities, hobbies that most have. Remember Diane and how lonely, frustrated she is? This is no perfect world where things work out to perfection. It would be nice to take a class, do-learn something. Get involved in better Bible study too. I think that the Gibsons are exaggerating Freddie some about his behaviors. He could have slipped into sin, like all us addicts do. But listening to him talk and preach I could tell he would still prefer to have a union with God.
Yes, I still think it is mostly dress up that turns you on. I got really involved m, especially at the end because I knew it would be a very long time before I had that opportnity again
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