a-rich (tracyrichards) wrote,

2017 Begins

So I think this is my first post of the year. There is a lot going on in my mind. So much in fact that I can't sort anything out. There is a lot of fear. My codependency and doing whatever Wanda would like yet today knowing she is probably bored, Housebound from the ice and snow. My prayer life lacks and needs to improve. I get too lazy or I take things for granted and just end up not caring. As a result things get put off more and more and more and get into a deeper depressive state not a suicidal kind but I mean the kind that puts you in an incapacitated state where you freeze up can't move can't do anything. A lot of frustration and overwhelming feeling. I brought too much stuff back here from Oklahoma along with all the other stuff I have in here and I don't know where to put things it is overwhelming. I need new shelves, those are expensive. I am going to have to leave suff in boxes ad crates in the closet. I guess I have to look at it as I have to start somewhere but now too afraid to move as I dont want to hurt myself,or rearange any of yhis crap but I guess I need to look at it as I need to start something, start somewhere. Like maybe if I can get this drawer in the closet that will motivate me to get more a ccomplished. Like I said, there is not enough shelving in here to hold everything. I need a big shelve and not from inside the house. Justsyart somewhere.
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